Smart Glasses with Activity Tracking Tech

Expect More From Your Eyewear 

Next generation glasses with activity-tracking technology.

Stylish Smart Glasses with Seamlessly Integrated Technology

Level™ smart glasses seamlessly integrate activity-tracking technology into an accessory you already wear every day. Thanks to Level, keeping an eye on your activity goals has never been easier.​

Affordable Innovation

Level retails for about what you’d spend on other eyewear.​ And the best part? Most people—including VSP members—can use their vision benefits to buy Level smart glasses.*

Smart and Seamless Design

Level smart glasses are technologically advanced yet completely stylish and fun to wear. Level captures the information that matters most to you—step count, calories burned, and distance traveled—while seamlessly tucking the tech inside three contemporary frame styles.

Precision and Privacy

Level is centered on your body’s axis and accurately captures your step count throughout the day. You can feel at ease that the data captured by your Level device is secure.

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*Level is treated like a standard optical frame under most vision insurance plans. Ask your doctor for more information.